Steelman Spotlight

Press Release

July 20, 2004

High Style Urban Casino in a Far East Frontier

With the recent opening of the first American based casino, The Las Vegas Sands, in the Chinese enclave of Macau a new era of business and design have been ushered in. Now with the second phase of the monumental project ready to open, the Las Vegas Sands Macau will again introduce the Asian gaming patron to entertainment Western style.

The Paul Steelman Design Group hired by the Las Vegas Sands Corporation to create the Casino Resort was tasked with a formidable set of problems. In land constraints and cultural restraints there existed a host of criteria that would challenge the most creative of architectural firms. But these sorts of constraints are exactly what the Paul Steelman Design Group revels in sinking its creative teeth into.

Designing all the necessary elements of a casino resort in the limited space available was the first step and Paul Steelman Design Group crafted the "stadium casino". This concept, which allowed for an expansive ceiling that rises 80 feet above the casino floor, offers casino floor views from the mezzanine amenities. This design feature makes the casino the heart of all activities and empowers the clientele, as it is the thread that flows up and into all adjacent venues.

This being the inaugural introduction of Las Vegas excitement into the Chinese market much care and consideration was taken. The marriage of East meets West dictated that Paul Steelman Design Group work closely with a fung shui expert. Perfect harmony in experience and view was the measure taken at every step of the design.

From first entrance at the Sands Macau Porte Cochere the design creates preview excitement of what lies in. The Porte Cochere has the capacity to hold 100 cars on queue. There are individual drop off areas for taxis, shuttle buses and valet parking. A separate tour bus facility can accommodate 10 tour buses at one time and has seating for 250 tour bus clients.

The gaming floor with its 277 table games (an additional 42 to be added when fully ramped up) is open and airy with expansive windows to the outside. Besides allowing for substantial daylight to filter in through the 40-foot high windows, the unrestrained ceiling allows for integral design features including a 120-foot chandelier that weighs more than 100,000 pounds. PSDG has established many other new design conventions with its revolutionary creation of the Las Vegas Sands Macau. The Night Market 24 hour eatery breaks the convention of being tucked in a corner and holds a mezzanine place of honor overlooking the casino floor.

Now poised for the opening of the second phase, the Las Vegas Sands Macau adds polish to the already bright future of the Cotai peninsula. The second phase amenities that will be opened at the property include: The Winner's Circle Restaurant, Restaurant Invejado, Copa Steakhouse, Golden Court and the Ruby Room. 48 high-end suites will also be part of the second phase role out.

With the opening of the Las Vegas Sands Macau, a Chinese version of Las Vegas is born. The eyes of Asia are turned to Las Vegas and the eyes of Las Vegas are turned to China. Paul Steelman Design Group has achieved the epitome of design ying and yang and planted the seeds for growth of Las Vegas Strip fundamentals in the Asian frontier.