Steelman Spotlight

Press Release

April 21, 2004

Paul Steelman Design Group Announces Construction Completion of Rio Buffet Project

In Las Vegas, a buffet is a buffet is a buffet... until now. When Harrah's Entertainment Corporation asked the Paul Steelman Design Group to reinvent the look of the buffet at its Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, the PSDG design team went to work and successfully raised the bar for buffet design. The venue is both a "must see" and a "must eat" environment.

Within the 20,600 SF footprint Paul Steelman Design Group demonstrates a bold new look in buffet design. The firm developed a design for this project based on a multi cultural international eatery without being literal in its references to the kinds of foods available.

The entry foyer is festooned with abstract images of world art, which give a hint of the variety of fare inside. An automated pay station with touch screen operation adds greater traffic flow and a more efficient queue system. This innovative approach to traffic flow takes the number in the party and collects the proper tab fee. Once the payment has been made a hostess then seats patrons.

There are 10 different food stations with demonstration kitchens to prepare foods while patrons watch. Each food station employs visual references to what kind of food will be available. The seafood station utilizes water features and wave textures on ceilings and walls. The Japanese station has a Zen garden wall. The BBQ station has an impressive fire feature which throws out flames. The American food station has an arts and crafts Americana theme. A unique feature of the existing buffet was the presence of a full service bar. Paul Steelman Design Group added a kinetic backlit bottle display, which is programmable to continually change colors. The effect is a dynamic addition to the buffet in the beverage service area.

A central focus is the Desert Island with candy colored finishes and soft marshmallow fabric coverings. Patrons find themselves salivating before they have even made their desert selections.

Through out the facility surfaces are digitally enhanced with video projection to create a plethora of looks and feel that impart the given food.