Steelman Spotlight

Press Release

April 9, 2014

World's First Digital Casino Opens in Finland

Paul Steelman Design Group announces the opening of the world's first digital casino- Grand Casino Helsinki in Helsinki, Finland. The facility, which was designed by Paul Steelman Design Group in conjunction with Evata Finland and Helsinki Lighting establishes for the first time, the use of digital enhancements to refine the casino space and raises the bar of entertainment-based experience. Grand Casino Helsinki owned by Finland's Slot Machine Association was literally taken from the earth. Located in the historic Fennia Quarter of Helsinki in a turn of the century building, the lower level of the casino was made possible through an elaborate excavation process. With Helsinki's metro subway running below the new lower level, the excavation process became dubious and exacting. Adjacent to the casino on the main floor of the historic Fennia Hall facility is a restaurant, which has been renovated to its classic early 1900's glory.

Grand Casino Helsinki embraces classic Scandinavian style with clean lines, light wood veneers and metal accents. Architecturally designed lighting shifts with the change of the seasons and accents the bright energetic color pallet. The coupling of two-design sensibilities here- historic and modern- makes for a dynamic pairing.

The main casino floor of 1317 sq. meters offers casino patrons 186 slot machines and 11 table games flanked by a coffee shop and the cashiers' cage. A dynamic glass staircase linking the main casino floor to the sub-facility opens the space to light and movement and is lit with vibrant LED lighting. Continuing the energy is a colossal video wall, which serves as a backdrop and displays ever changing kinetic images. Going beyond the big screen TV idea of today's casino interiors, it is here where the savvy technicians at Paul Steelman Design Group infuse the environment with digital magic. Additionally, the ceilings of the casino have the same video skin applied. In-house casino computer programmers create pallets that wash the walls and ceilings of the space with an ever-changing spectrum of images, color, promotions and jackpot winners.

Grand Casino Helsinki's lower level facility is 1136 sq. meters. An additional coffee shop and a vibrant feature center bar provide drinking and dining options on this sub level. Patrons in the lower casino can choose from 144 slots, 19 table games and 5 poker tables. The VIP lounge is on this level and offers VIP cliental an intimate gathering spot.