Steelman Spotlight

Press Release

March 4, 2004

Paul Steelman Design Group, in conjunction with Lumenyte International, announces the first global installation of G-Wing

Paul Steelman Design Group, in conjunction with Lumenyte International, announces the first global installation of G-Wing, a unique gaming product solution for the casino industry, which incorporates Lumenyte's progressive fiber optic technology. This first showcased installation will take place at the Las Vegas Sands Corporations' Macau casino scheduled for a late May 2004 opening.

The G-Wing is the gaming solution that offers the necessary services such as lighting, surveillance and audio for gaming floors when ceiling height becomes a logistical issue when incorporating such services.

G-Wing has the sleek design one would expect from an architecture firm such as the Paul Steelman Design Group but the product is intended to be more than just another pretty face. By incorporating the necessary pit services into a slender modular design, the G-Wing maintains an unobtrusive presence on the gaming floor allowing expansive ceilings to command their own space. Per wing, the product can accommodate up to 4 pan, tilt and zoom surveillance cameras and two small profile 6-inch speakers. The base of the G-Wing is the pit hub with adjustable workstation lights, two computers, printers, storage and up to eight digital surveillance recorders. In addition, G-Wing's unique modular design accommodates a wide variety of table game configuration. One wing can provide pit services for 2 large Punto Banko and Craps tables or by reconfiguring the floor, service 4 blackjack, mini-baccarat or roulette tables. Optional additions of Game and Player Tracking as well Voice Amplification Systems were factored into the design footprint to make the G-Wing the artful epitome of self contained casino security and management.

Lumenyte's unique LEF(TM) technology specified for the G-Wing is the first global use of linear, edge emitting fiber optics as an a ambient light source. The LEF710M will provide illumination to the pathways surrounding the tables. The fiber optic cable resides on the leading edge of the "wing" with the illuminators installed at the end.

David Tibbitts, Senior Lighting Designer at Paul Steelman Design Group explains, "Fiber optics was chosen for this application because, unlike neon, it is a directional source and unlike LED technology, fiber optics provide an attractive continuous appearance". Tibbitts specified the Lumenyte LEF710M because of a host of benefits. "The illuminators have a amber filter installed in them to give the fiber a warm incandescent color not possible with today's LED technology," explains Tibbitts. "Additionally, the back of the wing has the Lumenyte LEF510M fiber product recessed in a cove providing soft indirect illumination to the dealer and the pit. The effect is a warm inviting wash of light."

The G-Wing module sets precedence in the state of the art integration of lighting, surveillance, game and player tracking and audio enhancements for the casino industry.

Lumenyte International Corporation, Foothill Ranch, CA is a premiere manufacturer of large core and stranded fiber optic lighting systems. Celebrating 23 years in the industry, the privately held company owns multiple U.S. and international patents, and markets its systems to a rapidly increasing number of industries worldwide, such as transportation, architectural, water features, signage, display, industrial, and government/military. The company has been largely responsible for the progression of fiber optic lighting from simple decoration to sophisticated function.