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June 17, 2016

Steelman Partners Wins Best International Casino Architecture Firm

Steelman Partners Wins Best International Casino Architecture Firm

United Kingdom, June 2016- LUX Magazine Announces the Winners of the 2016 Hospitality Awards.

The hospitality industry is traditionally highly competitive and dynamic, with firms facing a saturated market and demanding clients with high standards, and companies within this industry have had to work increasingly hard in recent years to meet clients' needs and create a reputation for excellence.

Therefore the 2016 Hospitality Awards are dedicated to rewarding and recognizing the firms, and the individuals behind them, that have worked tirelessly over the past 12 months to achieve industry leading success, client satisfaction and market growth.

Discussing the award, Awards Coordinator Steve Simpson, said: "Throughout the hospitality industry there are establishments, companies and individuals who are working tirelessly to ensure that they meet guests' needs and provide them with an experience they will never forget. I am genuinely honoured to be able to recognize the hard work undertaken within this innovative and dedicated industry, and I would like to congratulate all of my winners and wish them every success going forward."

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