Steelman Spotlight


April 25, 2017

Like desert sands, Las Vegas resorts continue to shift

Like desert sands, Las Vegas resorts continue to shift

Strip resorts of the future will probably look quite different. The casino floor, for one thing, will most likely be smaller. But Las Vegas and its huge integrated resorts should continue to succeed, if only because they are so good at listening to their customers.

Those were among the observations of a handful of casino design experts who gathered recently to discuss the role architecture and design have played in transforming Las Vegas from a gambling-based, desert curiosity into an iconic tourist destination.

Almost nobody doubts significant changes are coming to Las Vegas, which is seeing a trend toward younger visitors and, as panelists noted, a continued shift away from a sole focus on gambling.

"The implications of the changes in gaming on casino layout are huge," said Ethan Nelson, president of Steelman Partners. "First of all, we're right in middle of it, and I don't think we know the answer just yet with existing properties. But the change we'll see in any new properties will be profound. It's going to have huge implications for how we lay out spaces."