Steelman Spotlight


June 22, 2006

Casino designer leaves nothing to chance

Design Casino

You walk into a casino and you see money: people losing money and people making money. But there's nothing random about the patterns in the carpets you walk on and the ceilings you gawk at. It's all designed to make money - for the casino.

"We look at every square foot," said Paul steelman, president of Steelman Design Companies. "Especially the power space --the ground floor space. Every square foot has to make some money. And if not, then it has to energize the spaces that are in fact that are required to make money."

Steelman 's company designs casinos and resorts all over the world -- from the MGM in Las Vegas to the Sands Macau in China, where he built a six-story, world record chandelier measuring 131 feet long and 82 feet tall surrounded by waterfalls. His job is to use the "wow-factor" - to get people into casinos and keep them there for a very long time.