Principal, Marqi Branding Studio

Anne Winters

Anne Winters is an international designer with a natural talent for art and innovative problem solving. Her mission is to lead a talented team of artists – in what she calls the “creative think tank” – towards imagining inventive ideas that define the voice of the project. With extreme focus on connecting the dots from all angles and viewpoints, she works with the entire Steelman team to design and fabricate such thoughts.

Born and raised in Kansas, She received her certification with a BS in Interior Design from Pittsburg State University prior to joining Steelman Partners in 2004. Anne received her certification from the National Council for Interior Design Qualification in 2007, and continued working in the field until she became a founding operator of the affiliate company, MARQI Branding Studio, in 2011.

Anne has worked closely with prestigious clients around the globe in developing projects such as the iconic name of Solaire Resort Casino in Manila which opened in 2013, and the design of the new prototype for Holland Casinos in Amsterdam.